Mouthwatering Hawaiian Rolls Recipe with BBQ Pork


hawaiian rolls recipe

Here’s a BBQ pork Hawaiian rolls recipe packed with soo much tasty goodness, that you’ll have your family begging for you to make it again next weekend!

BBQ Pork Hawaiian Rolls Recipe

Hawaiian Rolls Recipe Ingredients:

  • Pulled pork
  • 1-3 packages Hawaiian rolls
  • Grilled Pineapple
  • Gouda or Cheddar cheese

For this recipe you will need a few things. One of them is pulled pork. Since these are Hawaiian rolls, we highly suggest you also use Hawaiian-style Kalua pork. You can find a great recipe for that here. Or you may find some pre-made in your grocery store, depending upon where you live. Otherwise if you’re like most of our readers, you’ll likely make these sliders using your own mouthwatering pulled pork recipe.

Assembling Your Rolls

Get your Hawaiian rolls, and slice them open without separating them. Get your pulled pork and place a healthy amount of your meat on the bottom bread. For extra juiciness, be sure to include a healthy mix of fatty portions along with the leaner cuts of meat.

Next up, top with diced grilled pineapple, for that sweet island flavor! If you really hate pineapple, you can skip this part. Maybe use some pickled onions or cucumbers if that’s more of your style, but the Pineapple is really worth a shot within this Hawaiian rolls recipe.

Warming up the Rolls

Place the rolls on a suitable cooking tray. Place them on your grill over indirect heat (alternatively, in the oven). Make sure your smoker is clean – you don’t want the bread to absorb any bitter smoke taste. Bread does that sometimes.

Once the cheese is melted, pull your mouthwatering BBQ pork rolls off the heat. Separate the pack of rolls into the individual rolls. Enjoy immediately for best eating or you can reheat them to eat again later like for lunch at work. Your co-workers will most definitely be envious of you.

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