Fire Pit Rotisserie BBQ Ribs And Pineapple


Fire Pit rotisserie BBQ Ribs and Spiral Cut Pineapple recipe

A rotisserie BBQ ribs and pineapple guide for both veterans and beginners alike. Learn this technique for juicy, evenly cooked ribs that will blow your mind.

Firepit Rotisserie BBQ Ribs And Pineapple

Setting Up a Fire Pit Rotisserie

First, a few things about the rotisserie: a vastly underrated tool in the Pitmaster’s arsenal. The rotisserie is essentially a spit on which your food slowly rotates over an open heat source. It allows for a very even cook, and depending on the model, can be very versatile.

So, how do you set one up on an open fire pit? Built your pit with suitable stone blocks to contain the heat. Then grab a few dry wood logs, such as almond wood.

Light your fire and let it burn for a while before you start cooking.

Rotisserie Rib Racks

Prepare your rib racks as you normally would: trim, clean, and pat dry. Then slather with honey mustard and apply an even layer of your chosen BBQ rub. Let the meat sit for 20 minutes at room temperature.

Skewer the rib rack with the spit – weave the spit through the bones, so it is supported properly.

Place the spit over the fire pit, and get those ribs cooking!

Maintaining the cook

After about 1 hour, you will notice the meat is starting to shrink. This is the time to start basting to keep them moist. Use BBQ sauce diluted with some beer.

The ribs will be ready when they pass the toothpick test, or when core temperature hits 185º-195ºF.

Rotisserie Pineapple

A fun side dish for rotisserie ribs is a grilled pineapple! Skin the pineapple, cutting out the eyes in a spiral pattern (as seen in the video) for a more impressive look.

Before you thread it onto the spit, give it a very light coat of spicy BBQ rub, cinnamon and sugar.

Cook over the fire pit until you reach your desired doneness.

Enjoy your rotisserie BBQ ribs & pineapple!

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