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Barbecue Catering Company Ribs
Barbecue Catering Company Ribs

Barbecue Catering Company PopUp and Drop Off BBQ

If you live or work in The San Francisco, Bay Area or are just visiting, finding Texas BBQ nearby is easy thanks to a long-time favorite in the area. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what is the best BBQs restaurant near me? look no further. Barbecue Catering Company has been a top Bay Area barbecue caterers for many years. As evidenced by its creative name and nostalgic decor catering Barbecue Catering Company gained its reputation from infusing their Texas-style BBQ with California Sides Specializing in a range of options ranging from brisket to spare ribs to chicken, Barbecue Catering Company takes pride in serving the Bay Area, and the surrounding areas with the best in Texas BBQ..


What’s So Special About Texas BBQ?

Texas and barbecue go hand-in-hand. A long-standing tradition in the state, Texas BBQ is a signature style and flavor that differs from BBQ in other parts of the country. Texas is home to some of the best BBQ that you’ve ever tasted, thanks to the traditions of the region. Barbecue Catering Company is continuing this tradition in California.

So what’s all the buzz about when it comes to Texas barbecue? Well, Texas is known for its barbecue brisket. Texas has also gained a reputation over the last few decades for beef ribs, pork ribs, and chicken. In a note, the barbecue beef short rib started in the area of Central Texas. There are four different types of Texas BBQ and each has become known for its delicious versions of brisket pork ribs and smoked barbeque.

Central Texas barbecue: This is the birthplace of Texas barbecue. Central Texas BBQ generally has a very simple preparation. They apply a dry-rub method to seasoning the meat. This usually consists of just salt and pepper but some Pitmasters have developed their own proprietary rubs. The meat is smoked for many hours at low temperatures, typically over mesquite, pecan, hickory or oak wood. These are the woods of choice as they are readily available in the state of Texas.

East Texas barbecue: just like Central Texas BBQ, East Texas BBQ is prepared by using the slow and low smoking method via indirect heat. East Texas BBQ is known for the “falling off the bone” doneness, which is a trait of using very long cooking times to complete the cook. The cooking wood of choice is almost always over hickory wood, which grows readily in East Texas. The meat is prepped in a marinade of sweet tomato sauce. Beef and pork are popular in East Texas but pulled pork which is not a Texas original is now popular in the state. Pulled pork and beef brisket are served as sandwiches with pickles and dressed in spicy barbecue sauce.

South Texas barbecue: In South Texas this style of barbecue features a sweet sauce, that is not a tomato-based sauce like that of East Texas, it is a molasses-based barbecue sauce that when its mopped on the meat it locks in the moisture of the meat. South Texas barbecue is heavily influenced with Mexican cooking because of its close proximity to the Mexican border..

West Texas barbecue: Unlike other types of Texas barbecue, the West Texas barbecue style is traditionally cooked over the direct heat of an open flame. This is the most traditional grilling style other than smoking. West Texas barbecue is allways associated with mesquite wood, as mesquite wood is one of 3 main tree species used for cooking wood that thrive in the arid climate of West Texas.

Texas barbecue gets its flavor from the fat of the meat and is traditionally smoked, cooked over an open flame, and seasoned with a dry rub of Salt and Pepper.

Where to find the Nearest Texas Barbecue Restaurants in Antioch, CA

If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Where can I find the best Texas barbeque near me,’ look no further than Barbecue Catering Company, the best barbecue caterer in Antioch, CA. With a well-earned reputation for premium Texas barbecue, Barbecue Catering Company has a little something for everyone.

For delicious Texas barbecue on the go, log on to Barbecue Catering Company’s website for its full selection of slow smoked Barbecue Catering Company Meats  including brisket, ribs, and your choice of savory sides. Barbecue Catering Company is not only one of the best caterers in Antioch, CA, but they are also one of the best deals around if you prefer dining at home? Call Barbecue Catering Company and pre-order  your barbecue feast and we’ll have it ready for pickup.

Looking for the best Texas BBQ caterer in Antioch? Look no further than Barbecue Catering Company Catering offering amazing BBQ to the greater Antioch area. Home of the best Texas BBQ barbecue ribs, brisket, and hot links, Barbecue Catering Company also offers delicious chicken and turkey options along with tasty sides like the Moms Mac and Cheese, Southern Baked Beans, and our delicious signature Potato Salad and Macaroni Salad. Don’t forget dessert! The homemade desserts from Barbecue Catering Company range from decadent Pecan Pie, Peach Cobbler, Chocolate Cake and Lemon Bars. Preorder Drop Off Barbecue and To Go Orders are the way to go. You can turn your Barbecue Catering Company experience into a party thanks to Barbecue Catering Company banquet and party room affiliates. We’ll work with you to create the most memorable event, complete with the best BBQ food choices in the Bay Area.


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